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Common dermatological disorders and its clinical manifestation

Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Due to contact with a substance that might be harmless to others.

Red and swollen skin
Vesicular eruptions (water bubbles)

Atopic Dermatitis
Exaggerated cutaneous response to environmental antigen (house mites)

Highly Pruritic
Red Scales
Crusted weeping patches on cheeks and extremities
Papulation in flexural areas
Adult Stage
Lichenification in flexural areas, forehead and periorbital region

(All types are Susceptible to cutaneous viral, fungal &bacterial infection)


Acné Vulgaris (Pimples)
The bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes, staphylococcus aureus and staph.epidermidis) found on the skin alter the increased sebum that always happens with hormonal increase in puberty.

Black or white heads
Red spots
Deep boil like lesions

Senile Purpura (aged person)
Thin easily disrupted skin.
Easily disrupted blood vessels.

Skin bruises that do not indicate vitamin deficiency or bleeding disorders.

Fungal Infection

Red rash with white flakes
Pruritis (itchiness)
It is found on the lip area and genitals of person with diabetes, those taking oral steroids and on long-term antibiotics
Females may have a genital discharge and itchiness

Generalized Dermatophytosis (Tinea Corporis)
Fungal Infection

Papulosquamous disease (papules with dry skin flakes)
If it affects the very young, the very old or the immunocompromised patients it 
will be very extensive

Lichen Planus
Common with dry skin in old person

Skin scales that show a lacy white pattern
The lesions are typically flat-topped rectangular or polygonal in shape
Involves the flexural areas of the wrist

Xerosis/Asteatotic Eczema
Dry skin that flakes easily as the oil content of skin decreases with age

Poorly demarcated, scaly round red patches with scaly fissures in irregular 
netlike pattern

It is provoked in some persons by emotion, alchol, exertion, warm meals or spicy food.

Central facial erythema
Prominent rhinophyma (Hypertrophied nose)
Sometimes papular or pastular components are found
Most of the patients are fair skinned

Herpes Simplex
Viral Blistering Disorder

Vesicles clustered on Erythemetous and often indurated base

Herpes Zoster
Viral Blistering Disorder

Band of blisters on one side of the head, body or along one limb
Sever pain is associated with the blisters
  • November 28, 2016
  • Elena M