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Effective Biological Remedies Developed

To fight the disease-producing microbes, Enderlein developed biological remedies derived from specially prepared fungi and bacteria. These medications can effectively break down dangerous microbes. It is essential that these powerful preparations are combined with "drainage” remedies, for example such as homeopathic-spagyrik medications. In case of severe chronical illness it’s important to change the diet also. The patient's internal terrain has to be balanced, which involves correcting the acid-base balance by eliminating excess animal protein from the diet. The remedies also support the immune System and can strengthen damaged tissue so as to return seriously ill patients to health. Correctly administered Enderlein treatment, known as isopathy or "self- healing" therapy, also regulates the amount of released toxins so that the body is not overwhelmed by a toxic surge and can excrete the harmful forms via the Organs of elimination. Therefore, the Enderlein remedies represent a treatment which helps the body do the job it was designed to do. 

In summary, once a patient's internal terrain gets out of balance, according to Enderlein, the normally non-harmful symbiotic microbes can start to unify and develop into larger, harmful forms within their life cycle, becoming more and more hostile toward the host. The higher developed microbial forms continue to change and grow, creating an evermore acidic terrain, and attack the tissues, causing all kinds of disease symptoms. The hyperacidity in the red blood cells also binds iron in the blood so that cellular respiration becomes increasingly compromised. This process may explain why cancer patients often lose weight and waste away even though their tumors may be small, it’s due to the hungry microbes hosting in the blood cells. Furthermore, chemotherapy, synthetic drugs, antibiotics, and other traditional treatments often kill invading or developing microbes, but at the same time also beneficial microbes, which may cause an unbalance in the internal terrain of the body. This will lead to further problems, as well as new strains of bacteria resistant to previously used antibiotics. 

Today, more than 20.000 medical practitioners worldwide — including a growing number in North America and Canada— are continuing Enderlein's work as they use biological remedies to treat a wide range of patient conditions in their daily practices. Although popular acceptance of Enderlein's theories by conventional medicine has been slow, researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and patients must face an extremely harsh fact: more sinister diseases are certainly on the way as harmful microbes adapt to their human environment and take on different forms. Fortunately, Enderlein therapy can provide doctors around the world with highly useful tools to fight disease and deal effectively with almost all kinds of medical problems. 

The remedies are safe and easy to handle. Unwished interactions with other remedies, adverse reactions or any side effects are none known. When overdosed diarrhea may occur and the body temperature may increase slightly. Should hypersensitivity occur, discontinue medication and treat symptomatically. 

There are only a few general rules to remind: 

  1. Don’t combine Mucor and Notatum because they are antagonists and
  2. follow the dosages as it’s written. This advice is specially given for the bacterial remedies.
  • March 17, 2017
  • Jessie Jin