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Blending German Biological Medicines with Other Therapies in the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Conditions

I have been integrating isopathic/homeopathic remedies for over 25 years in my practice of integrative manual and functional medicines. By blending many different disciplines and theories of medicine, we can observe the effect of these Symbio Remedies on Qi, Blood, Lymphatic Circulation, and Soma for assisting the healing potential in the human body. These tools help activate this potential to minimize symptoms and cure disease.

Blood stagnation and hypercoagulation are present in most new patients in my office. Their INR (measure of hypercoagulation) is between .7 and 1, MI and Strokes are primary killers in our culture. My goal is an INR of 1.5 to 2.5, improved circulation, reduction in clots, strokes, impaired circulation and healing, chronic fatigue, etc…

Stagnation is the silent enemy of our body's terrain.

It impairs circulation, increased Fibrin formation, sticky cell membranes, heat in the blood, loss of body fluids, pressing fluids into the Connective Tissue Matrix (lymph edema), decreasing O2/nutrient transfer into our tissue and decreasing CO2/toxin uptake into the venous system and elimination.

The Connective Tissue Matrix is the fundamental regulatory system of our entire organism. This is compounded by Lymph Stagnation and Edema. Cells drowning in their own waste products, increased acidity, protein accumulation, CO2, inflammatory debris, impaired immunity, decreased healing potential, more swelling and interstitial edema.

Utilizing Lymph Drainage Therapy and the Symbio remedies, we can mobilize the lymph of the entire body, decreasing blood stagnation and encourage optimal fluid dynamics. It is not uncommon that my patients need to urinate 1-2X during and after their treatment. The goal is optimal blood/lymph circulation, nutrition into the cells, detoxification/poisons out of the cells, defense (immunological), repair and the instantaneous communication with our entire system (energy, chemistry, thoughts, trauma, etc…) I teach my patients self lymph drainage, easy to learn, makes everything work better.

I utilize muscle testing with my intake to assess their need for SymBio remedies. I administer 2-3 remedies at the onset of the treatment to enhance/facilitate their treatment and transformation.

#1 Remedy Symbio Muc 4X Drops – improving circulation, hemodynamics, regenerative and healing potential, decreasing acute and chronic inflammatory responses. It is great for resolution of athletic injuries, trauma, and swelling, getting patients out of pain. It can be rubbed on bruises and swelling. This remedy is so potent at decreasing the viscosity of blood that I do not use it when there is acute bleeding, surgery 10 days pre/post, and must be monitored if patients are on blood thinners.

#2 Remedy Symbio Asper 4X Drops – improves lymph drainage, immune function, elimination of toxins, mucous membrane functioning, assists with the transformation of the TB miasm, makes all other therapies work better due to decreased lymph stagnation.

#3 Remedy Symbio Not 4X Drops – antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, activating and balancing the

immune response. I take this before work to optimize my immune function. It is part of my travel and arrive well protocol, my patients take this at the first sign of a prodromal infection coming on. Can use 4-5X a day.

#4 Remedy Symbio Quent 4X Drops – antiviral, antibacterial, decreasing allergic reaction to seasonal changes, environmental contact and food allergens. I take this before work to optimize my immune function, It is part of my travel and arrive well protocol, my patients take this at the first sign of a prodromal infection coming on. Can use 4-5X a day.

#5 Remedy Symbio Tilis 6X Drops – the gentlest of the bacterial remedies, I combine Tilis with Not/Quent as it complements their antiviral, antibacterial, anti- inflammatory, immune modulating effects. At the most 2-3X a day for 4 days then every other day, 2X. This completes my Symbio travel and arrive well protocol, with a few other products.


Dr. Scott A Storrie, D.C., L.Ac., P.C., N.E.

October 31, 2022

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