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We would like to provide all naturopathic therapists guidelines enabling an effective treatment of illnesses which until now have been a "crux medicorum". The therapy guidelines are based on Symbiopathic's 35-year-old experience with the immune biological and isopathic remedies of Prof. Dr. Phil. Günther Enderlein.

SYMBIOPATHIC is producing and distributing the isopathic remedies which were developed between the 30's and 60's of the past century by the German biologist Günther Enderlein. Even today the preparations are manufactured according to the old Enderlein philosophy.

In Germany the Enderlein remedies belong to the most successful homeopathic preparations. Even today the following sentence is true, which once was written by M.D. Karl Windstosser to Enderlein: "once acquainted with your remedies, you will find them indispensable."

The immunobiological and isopathic therapy has its origin in the 19th century. Isopathy is a healing method which is derived from homeopathy. It was confirmed in 1833 by the Leipzig veterinarian Johann Josef Wilhelm Lux (1733-1849). Lux had discovered that he could treat animals suffering from anthrax when he potentised the blood of sick animals 30 times and gave it back to them for internal treatment. Lux had placed the "equality-principle" before the "similarity-principle" of homeopathy. The medical science regarded the isopathy more or less as "the extreme height of lunacy" (quotes August Bier). Only with the introduction of the rabies inoculation by Pasteur as well as the diphtheria- and tetanus inoculation by Emil von Behring, the practical meaning of "the isopathic healing principle" was generally recognized.

In 1877 the Russian zoologist Prof. Elias Ilja Iljitch Metschnikow, who later made research at the Louis Pasteur Institute, discovered the cellular mechanisms of the immune system. Metschnikow had observed the leukocytes during the destructive process of penetrating micro organisms in the body. Together with Paul Ehrlich he received the Nobel prize for physiology and medicine in 1908 for their work of immunity.

Thus, the beginning of the immunology started a long time ago but the immunologic mechanism of the organism is as of today not totally investigated. What happens e.g in the organism when the body heals itself?

Enderlein was given the answer to this question thanks to his bacteriologic and humoralpathologic research. In the beginning of the 30's he had discovered a microflora in blood and recognized its role in health and diseases. The study of microflora in blood resulted in the development of his unique isopathic remedies in which the mechanisms of action until today have not been accepted by the established university medicine,

Despite the eventful history of the preparations and the many setbacks which Enderlein had to experience during his lifetime, his remedies and knowledge of the "full health" could be saved for the 21st century.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of outstanding medical doctors and nature researchers, admittance to the work of Enderlein has been found.

With the available treatment recommendations, we are pleased to be able to give you a practice-proven therapy concept which also enables a new introduction of an effective treatment.

  • November 25, 2016
  • Elena M